GirlBe is a non-profit initiative dedicated to addressing the struggles of girls in Uganda. The organization was founded in 2011 by Rehema Nsanyiwa as an 18-year-old school dropout. Having had a fractured past in ways she still feels uncomfortable to share, she ran a community embedded program that excelled in providing girls in low income communities with a safe and fun space to commune, study and participate in creative practices. Her vision was to forge another way to raise these girls from backgrounds of fear, into adults of courage that will uplift their communities by addressing the issues that affect them and the people they care about.

Two years ago, Rehema realized that a lot of girls in her community were getting pregnant way too soon before completing their education. The consequences were harsh and unforgiving. The girls had no choices and opportunities to alter their destinies from desperation. From the 13-year-old Sara, who was a beneficiary of GirlBe to the world vision narrated Suzie who face life with constant fear, judgement, shame, stigma and hardly any second chances to try again.