At eighteen years old, Rehemah Nsanyiwa founded GirlBe. GirlBe is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the struggles of girls in Uganda. Rehemah based the organization’s activities on her story; a deeply fractured childhood, to gather girls in low income communities together to figure out a way to serve their most immediate needs.

A few years later, GirlBe grew into a community embedded program that excelled in being a safe and fun space for girls to commune, study and participate in creative practices. Girls received scholarships, took a nap in the middle of the day to rest their bodies, bathed, had a cup of porridge, played, helped each other with homework, danced, sung, learned vocational skills  among others.

At the time, Grammy Award winning musician; Joss Stone selected GirlBe as one of the initiatives to feature in her Uganda tour film, her team additionally donated a camera with its accessories to one of our girls in photography through East African Records.

GirlBe attracted the attention of former mayor of Makindye Division and aspirant member of parliament, owner international hospital Kampala and Clarke University; Dr. Ian Clarke who contributed generously to our work.

The former all girls band Sifakelele also got involved in the work of GirlBe and threw a fundraising concert at the five star Golf Course Hotel to support girls in low income communities among other local and international collaborators like Micheal Franti and World Muse.