PHASE ONE (2020-2021)

Funded by friends of GirlBe, this is our humble beginning. We are confident that starting small is the most convenient and sustainable way to be able to see our vision come to life.

In Phase one, we have enrolled our teenage moms in the neighboring schools and on our ten acre ranch, we have started with the construction of three basic rooms that will be utilized as classrooms, administration and sleeping spaces for the holiday program in vocational training and therapy that will enable us to offer teenage moms a full curriculum this year.

During the holiday program, the teenage moms will study with their children I the same school environment but in different classes. Their children will be enrolled in a kindergarten and day care program that will be led by qualified teachers.

PHASE TWO (2021-2022)

After a year of phase one, we will start phase two immediately. At this phase, we will open up our school starting with only two classes; senior one and senior two.

This process will enable us to offer an uncompromised curriculum to our teenage moms in Uganda as we solicit for funding for phase three.