Nakaggwa Maria, senior three, 20

Raised by a single mother who was also a teenage mom when she had her, Maria had dropped out of school for three years. During this time, she raised her son and took care of their home. She wanted to take a vocational training course in hair dressing to have a source of income but was denied due to lack of qualifications. Maria’s son, Katongole Emma is now 2 years old and is currently under the care of his grandmother.

Maria is currently studying to be a pediatrician.


Nansubuga Shadia, senior one, 15

Shadia is also raised by a single mother who was also a teenage mom when she had her. Got pregnant at 13, she now has 2 year baby girl; Ntagejja Shanis. Shadia lost hope when she dropped out of school two years ago. 

However, she is now back to school and she wants to be a lawyer majoring in domestic affairs. Her dream is to bring justice to households having domestic struggles.


This is Nampiima Zainab. She got pregnant at the age of 15. At the moment, her baby is one and half years old. We have taken Zainab back to school so that she can have a second chance to recreate her future. Zainab was raised by a single mother. However, her father would help her with school fees before she got pregnant. Her father stopped supporting her as he was too upset with her. Zainab in return gave up and just stayed home just taking care of her baby. 

At GirlBe, we want to make it possible for girls like Zainab to have a second chance at crafting their own destiny through education, vocational training and healing practices. 

When I saw Namuwaya Shamim, I immediately thought that she was just carrying her baby sister. I was wrong. The baby is hers. 

This is Shamim. She is from the Eastern region of Uganda; Mbale. Shamim is also an orphan. She got pregnant at 13 years old, had her child and consequently dropped out of school. She was taken care of by a guardian that is not biologically related to her. We do not know about the where about of her family. We have enrolled Shamim back to school as a way to enable her to have the tools to determine her future. 

 This is Lanyero Winny. She is from far in the Northern region of Uganda. Winny got pregnant early in her senior three. She dropped out to give birth but never went back as she got caught up with the work of taking care of her baby. There is also too much stigma against girls like her. It is really obvious for her to just drop out and give up her dreams. We have enrolled Winny at Awek secondary school. Hopefully she will study and become a self mastered individual of society with meaning and impact.