Rehema deeply believes that passion and empathy combined with creative management skills is what truly drives tangible change. She is the founder of GirlBe. Since 2011, she dedicated herself to studying the struggles of girls in low income communities through the intensive programs of GirlBe. During that period, she realized the pressing need to dive deeper into understanding the problem rather than forging quick unsustainable solutions. 

It is on this premise that she decided to go back to school to learn the tricks of Social Innovation Management from the Amani Institute, Nairobi, Kenya and the United Nations mandated University for Peace where she just acquired her Diploma.

Currently, she is directing the establishment of GirlBe secondary school for teenage moms in Uganda.

Maija is our Assistant Project Manager. Originally from New York, she is an artist-activist and administrator. She acquired her B.A. from the University of San Francisco in Performing Arts & Social Justice. She is passionate about creative forms of education that allow self exploration, identification and expression.

Suellen Pereira de Carvalho has worked in Project Management for the past 11 years. While much of her experience has been in the private sector, she believes in the social sector where her business skills can be of value. She volunteers at GirlBe as a consultant to contribute to a decent future for teenage moms in Uganda.

Nicoline Voskamp is a psychologist and community developer. She believes in the power of the arts for community cohesion and transformation. As an active member on our advisory team, she is a powerful force that oversees, guides and supports the vision of GirlBe.

Moshin Juma is an advisor at GirlBe. He is a fully dedicated and well vast grassroots community builder, He is also the founder of People Concern Children’s Project. A Ugandan charity striving to instill fundamental life skills in children from low income communities through literacy and practical skills training.