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Causes List

Classrooms Construction

We have already constructed the administration office, library and a simple daycare. We are only remaining with four classrooms to be able to open the school and start full operation that will be financed by our Backpackers.

We are currently fundraising for the main items like cement, sand, timber,  iron sheets and construction labour to enable us to complete the phase one of our school construction. Any support is highly appreciated 🙂

Kitchen, Toilet and leaking roof

We are fundraising for 1,000 Euros to help us build a school Kitchen, a student toilet, to fix the leaking roof and to acquire teaching staff in order to keep our school open as required by the district school regulatory office.

Sustainability Project

Please support us to finalise the GirlBe Backpackers, our income-generating activity. We are now fundraising to get the furniture (bunkbeds, chairs etc), so that we can officially open for travellers and generate income to send our girls to school. Thank you 🙂