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Classrooms Construction

To start full operation we need bricks, sand, cement, timber and iron sheets to construct three classrooms for teenage moms to study with their children. 


For very little, a girl can be kept in school for very long. Whatever you donate, can have an impact of a lifetime in the life of a girl in need. Thank you!


To make it convenient for teenage moms to attend school, we keep their children in our daycare. Kindly donate to their food, children play materials, caretaking services and space maintenance.


Girls in rural areas find it very hard to go to school because of the long distances they have to walk from their respective homes. Providing one bike for one girl will make it easier for them to access and complete their education.


We offer two types of workshops: Body-based workshops and Vocational workshops.

Pads, Bras and Underwear

These are usually undermined but without them, a girl can easily skip school and can lead to slipping away from their education permanently. They prepare the girls for uninterrupted education.

Hostel Friends

Kindly consider supporting our close-to-completion income generating activity; Hostel Friends that is located at the heart of the city Kampala.