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AViD IGAs are activities we do specifically to enable us to stay in the business of impact with or without funding.


At AViD, we are so conscious of the need to be sustainable and scalable in all our programs. There are so many activities that we could do but if they have no potential to keep us in business, then they are not worth our try. Our farm not only feeds us and our students, butalso a source of revenue that facilitates our core  education activities. In the farm, we have a variety of food, fruits and birds and we are soon introducing animals! 


AViD Cottages are being established to provide safe and convenient accommodation for our volunteers and visitors at an affordable fee. The revenue will also be utilised in developing our program further. 


A decade ago, Rehemah, a teenager then with a refreshingly vibrant outlook on life founded Avid (then known as Girlbe). At the time, motivated by her deep childhood emotional fractures, she was determined to support children in low income communities to figure out a way to solve their challenges by providing safe spaces in communities, mentorship and scholarships. Over time, she has been supported by numerous individuals to enable her vision of a society full of self sufficient individuals to  become a reality. She now works alongside her friend Mubuya Dennis a professional footballer and a farmer both in practice and at heart.

As a child, Dennis endeavored to study and was always among the top students even though he never had the opportunity to complete his education at Makerere University. His failure to complete his education due to lack of school fees developed empathy in him for those who had no access to education at all. He believes in the impact of education in society and is passionate about making it accessible to all children and youth in Uganda especially for those with the most pressing need. He supports the vision of Avid as Executive Director, a responsibility he takes seriously in leading his team into actionable steps for measurable impact in the life of children and youth in rural Uganda.